Colorado AG Cynthia Coffman: Don’t be a roofing scammer’s “April fool”

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman warns homeowners to avoid falling for a roofer’s “too-good-to-be-true” offer and becoming an “April fool.”

The “fly-by-night” contractor will take a homeowner’s hard-earned money and leave without completing a roofing job or even buying the shingles, according to a news release Friday by Coffman’s spokesman Roger Hudson.

Following record snow falls in March, roofing scams are expected to increase in April and May, Hudson’s news release says. Coffman said her office fielded more than 100 complaints about possibly shady roofers in 2015.

“Many of these unlicensed roofing companies will canvas an entire neighborhood following large snow, hail, or rainstorm. They pitch a limited time ‘special offer’ and promise to do repairs that either never get done or cause real damage to a homeowner’s roof,” Coffman said.

She cautioned homeowners to do their homework and not fall for high pressure sales tactics.

“Remember, if a deal sound too good to be true… it probably is,” she said.

Coffman offered some consumer tips to avoid roofing scams:

• Never allow an uninvited contractor to inspect your roof or to contact your insurance company directly.

• Say no to contractors requesting an immediate decision.

• Contact insurer before spending a significant amount of money on a new roof.

• Arrange to have an authorized adjuster come to your home.

• Obtain at least three bids from different contractors and check each one with organizations like your local Better Business Bureau.

Bad contractors will do shoddy work, often damaging property, and delay completing the work, according to Coffman.

Roofers must provide a written contract with his contact information, give approximate dates and costs of service and identify his contractor’s surety and liability coverage insurer. Homeowners have up to 72 hours to rescind the contract.


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Dublin’s newest car dealer

We would like to take this opportunity to announce the opening of Dublin’s newest car dealership. Cash for cars Ireland offers to buy older cars from their owners making the whole process as quick and pain free as possible. Here are the top 3 things to do when selling your car:

3.) Be brutally honest


Why: Do not try and hide any problems with your car. If you pretend it’s a 100-point show queen, any buyer will immediately lose trust in you when they spot all the rusts, the scrapes, the weak A/C, and every other little weakness.

No matter what, your ad should include these details:

Engine size/type
Transmission type
# of miles
Any major damage
Any failed parts
Any positive qualities unique to your vehicle
New parts you have recently installed
Price and your state of negotiation

Photo Credit: Garret Voight

Ten Things To Do When You’re Selling Your Car

2.) Get a bill of sale


Why: The legalities of selling a car vary from state to state and can be confusing. Let’s break it down.

A bill of sale is not required by all states to legally transfer ownership of your car, but it makes the sale explicit by identifying what car you’re selling, and conditions attached to the sale, and the agreed price.

Your state may probably require you to go through the DMV. A state-by-state breakdown of what forms you need can be found online, here. Fill all this out before showing up to the DMV, lest it turn into a horror story.

A bill of sale should include:
Your name and address
The buyer’s name and address
The vehicle identification number (VIN)
Year, make, and model
Odometer reading
Purchase price
Date of sale
The phrase “sold as is,” unless you have agreed to something else
Your signature and the buyer’s signature

Photo Credit: Jeremy Brooks

Ten Things To Do When You’re Selling Your Car

1.) Cut the cord

Why: Once you’re done sobbing and drinking the pain away, you need to remove yourself emotionally from your car. You will get a better price, and you will sell your car faster, as reader ClayW explains.

As soon as you put a “For Sale” sign in the window, pretend that it’s no longer your car. You can’t be too particular about who wants to buy it or what their plans might be for your baby — You’re going to sell it to the first person that shows up with cash for your car and then you’re going to forget it.

Don’t hold out for the well-heeled buyer that’s going to continue your restoration and/or baby your baby. Don’t worry about whether or not it’s going to get regularly cleaned and waxed. Don’t make the guy promise to send you pictures in a year.

The car is gone, man.

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You can find at their location listed in the map above and remember that theyalso offer a we buy any car service that can be very helpful when looking for a quick and hassel free way to sell your car.

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